Herbal Healers Topical Pain Balm application to one area of body $10
Enhance your massage with this upgrade which uses Herbal Healers full-spectrum hemp based pain relief balm on one area of the body. Choose from: neck, back, right or left arm, hands, hamstrings (back of thighs), quads (front of thighs), lower legs, or feet. *If you’d like to take home a jar of the balm after your session, the cost of this upgrade will be applied to your purchase.

15 minute nap after your session $15
You know that feeling when your massage has just ended and you realllly don’t want to get up quite yet and get back to reality? Well now you can snooze, meditate, or just bask in that relaxed feeling and delay your return to the real world for 15 more minutes.

15 minute add-on Reiki to any massage $15

30 minute add-on Reiki to any massage $30

15 minute add-on Ascension Energy Healing to any session $15