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February 2018 Newsletter - New! Starlight Energy®, New website, Valentine's Day Gift Certificates, Referral program, STAY HOME IF YOU'RE SICK

December 2017 Newsletter - Holiday Schedule, Gift Certificates available, Essential Oils Sets available, New Reiki Certifications, New Service: Chakra Balancing, New website in the works, Inclement Weather Policy

November 2017 Newsletter - HSA/FSA benefits planning reminder, Referral Program, Gift Certs available for early holiday shopping, New package plan reminder, Holiday Wellness Weekend invitation, Sick Policy, Essential oil spotlight: Germ Fighter (on SALE)

October 2017 Newsletter - New package plan, new referral program, new Tranquili-Chi website design, save-the-date for the Holiday Wellness Weekend, Sick policy, Essential oil spotlight: Germ Fighter (on SALE)

September 2017 Newsletter - Open Labor Day Weekend, T-Chi has wi-fi for guests

August 2017 Newsletter - August schedule, Eclipse Info, HSA/FSA cards accepted; Essential oil spotlight: Peppermint (on SALE)

June 2017 Newsletter - New hours, Father's Day gift certificates, Bare Hills Village Week, Essential oil spotlight: Respir-Aid (on SALE)

April 2017 Newsletter - Spring has sprung, Mother's Day gift certificates, Essential oil spotlight: Respir-Aid (on SALE), help Sarapeutic grow

March 2017 Newsletter - Referrals, please! Essential oil spotlight: Sleep Aid (on SALE), Tranquili-Chi Crystal Wellness Weekend

February 2017 Newsletter - Valentine's Day Couples Massage special, Essential oil spotlight: Germ Destroyer (on SALE)

January 2017 Newsletter - Happy New Year! Essential oil spotlight: Blues Buster (on SALE), new BodySense Magazine is out, update your mailing address

November 2016 Newsletter - new retail items and holiday deals, gift certificate reminder

Fall 2016 Newsletter - a halloween joke, retail offerings, intro rate, sick policy

August 2016 Newsletter - Schedule now! summertime health warnings, room change

April 2016 Newsletter - Allergy/sinus treatment and roll-on, studying pregnancy massage

March 2016 Newsletter - Limited time new client rate, booking out about 2 weeks, review me on Yelp!, read my blog

February 2016 Newsletter - Book now, Groupon available for new clients

December 2015 Newsletter - specials on packages and gift certificates; new year resolution to get regular massage

November 2015 Newsletter - new client pricing, special deals available for everyone, massage for staying healthy

October 2015 Newsletter - heating up for cooler weather, Tranquili-Chi Happy Hour this month, and last minute online booking now available

September 2015 Newsletter - a little about my life, expanded hours coming, send me your referrals!

August 2015 Update - schedule while you can!

July 2015 Newsletter - hurry and book before you can't, adding hours, and learn about the piriformis.

June 2015 Newsletter - book your summer massages now, gift certificates, and get chair massage at work.

May 2015 Newsletter - introducing the Allergy Add-on, and Sarapeutic starts tweeting and pinning... 

April 2015 Newsletter - Sarapeutic turns 2! Tranquili-Chi Open House/Happy Hour is April 17th.

March 2015 Newsletter - Spring is coming! New Heated Back Shawl. Sarapeutic blogs. 

February 2015 Newsletter - Love is in the air! and general housekeeping

January 2015 Newsletter - Happy New Year! What's your word of the year?

December 2014 Newsletter - new online gift certificate system; holiday packages and gift certificate specials!

November 2014 Newsletter - new schedule! Welcome Lisa Beach, acupuncturist, to share the space. Veteran's Day special, holiday packages and gift certificate specials. Traffic light construction at Falls and Clarkview.

October 2014 Newsletter - Health insurance discounts. Choose your own tunes. Chair massage at work? Free Healthy Happy Hour at Tranquili-Chi on October 17.

September 2014 Newsletter - Back to school special! Let's get social - Sarapeutic is on social media.