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Sara really listened and then personalized my massage when I explained that I was having stubborn and chronic tightness in my neck, shoulders, and forearms. She carefully worked on those areas for almost an hour and the next day I felt a lot better. I see an acupuncturist for carpal tunnel and even he even noticed a difference after my visit with Sara!
— Melissa
Today I had a massage/energy session with Sara Rossio. I had to come on here to say she is EXCELLENT! She’s on South Clinton Street. She also comes to offices and offers chair massages! I can’t say enough about how wonderful my session was. I went in with a really tight neck issue. She was great!
— Jan U.
I saw Sara for the first time today. She was amazing! I have chronic neck and upper back tension. Sara dug in deep - but never hurt me. I feel great this afternoon - can’t wait for my next visit, which I am going to book right now.
Thank you Sara!
— Barb C.
I had a great experience recently at Sarapeutic! The process was easy from booking with the app to paperwork and questions by Sara so she could give me the best service possible. The room was quiet and comfortable and the massage was amazing. I highly recommend her services! 😎
— Chas B.
Sara gives the best massage I’ve ever had! She asks about your body every time and listens carefully, then gives special attention to any problem areas. I walk out feeling totally relaxed and with much less pain. Her experience, personality, and expertise combine to provide the best possible experience. Thank you, Sara, for what you do!
— Ella P.
Sara is hands-down the BEST massage therapist there is!  As a licensed massage therapist myself, I have experienced tons of massage, but I always come back to Sara.  No one else has the knowledge, ability and individualized healing touch that Sara provides- she really does earn the name “Relief-io”!
— Shelly W.
As a cyclist/endurance athlete I know the importance of recovery, especially as we age.  Massage is paramount.  Massage by Sara is paramount.  Sarapeutic is an important factor in my fitness and wellness program!
— Brian P.
Sara is amazing!  She is personable and professional.  She listens to what you say AND she pays attention to what your body is saying while she is working.  I’m so grateful to have found her!  Thanks Sara!
— Staci S.
Sara Rossio has given me the most relaxing massages of my life! I literally feel like I have the power to let go of my tension and physical manifestations of worry under her expert care. Everyone go to Sara, she is a master!
— Ann E.
Sara is wonderfully gifted with a natural, healing energy. She works with me to customize the session for what I need. I feel like I get to work with her to get the healing I need, which is my preference. She is just as good at leading and letting you relax as well !
— Mary H.
Sara is great! It was one of the best massages I’ve ever had
— Jill W.

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From Amazon: 

Truly awesome. I signed up for the 60 minute massage. Everything about the experience was excellent. The massage room was clean and well laid out with soft music in the background. Sara is professional and prior to the massage asked me questions related to my health. She customized and personalized the massage to such as extent that it way exceeded my expectation. During the 60 minute massage, based on my request she identified tense areas in my body which I may not have been aware of and then used a combination of deep tissue, sweedish, reiki and quantum touch energy work. The combination of phsysical massage and energy work not relaxed me but 72 hours later as I write this review I feel very energetic and focussed.After the massage, Sara spent time with me reviewing the experience and getting my feedback. Not only highly recommended, but I plan on going back again and again.
— Jack
it was all the way at the northern tip of baltimore, but sara was really great. she was warm, laid back, and made my first massage feel far more comfortable than i was expecting. she was very non-judgemental, supportive, positive and accepting. felt very warm and soothing on a cold day.
— tg
Great massage! Keep up the good work.
— Tony
I have found Sara to be very engaging and she really listens to what you would like to get out of the massage session. I have been three times now and am very pleased with her skill.
— D.T.

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From Yelp

Was visiting from out of town, and wanted a deep tissue massage. I booked a 60 min. massage with Sara and half way through I extended it to a 90 min. Massage. It was the best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had. Additionally, Sara is very kind, professional and accommodating. I will definitely go back on my future visits. Highly recommend!!!!!
— Vicky L.
#humblebrag coming here...I’ve had massages in some of the top hotels and spas in the US, Australia, Canada, and Asia. My massages with Sara have been as good or better than any of those. We’re lucky to have her here in Doylestown.
— Jonathan M.
I have been getting massages from Sara for over a year now and have had a great experience. Sara helps reduce my muscle pains. She focuses on the problem areas and adjusts pressure as necessary to get the job done well. If ever in doubt about the amount of pressure, Sara is sure to ask, very conscientious. A bonus to the service is that Sara is super reliable. She makes appointments and keeps them, which is sometimes a difficult trait to find in a masseuse. Sarapeutic, with the customer in mind.
— Alex B.
I found Sara via Groupon.  Of course, I was drawn to her via the portmanteau name, for which alone she earns extra points.  

Not being a regular receiver of massages, I’m no expert... but this was a fantastic experience.  The environment and aesthetic was peaceful and serene and the massage itself was just what I needed in the midst of a stressful and hectic period.  Sara was inquisitive and accommodating, and I didn’t feel weird requesting more or less pressure.  

Overall, the worst part of my Sarapeutic experience was when it ended.
— Steven H.
Sara is awesome!  Very professional,  listens & asks questions.  Highly recommend Sarapeutic Massage.
She takes her time & works diligently on sore muscles.
— Deb B.
I will start by explaining that I get so many knots from stress and my work that it is nearly impossible to work it out in one session. I first met Sara a couple of years ago when she was working at a spa. I have been receiving massages for more than 20 years and have never found someone I could count on to understand my body and fix the issues. I was so impressed with Sara’s ability to spot issues and work out the knots and relieve pain, I called to reschedule a second appointment. When I called, I was told she had left the spa. I immediately started tracking her down through Google. I found her and contacted her through email to see if she was available for an appointment. She scheduled me for a session and for the last couple of years, I have been a regular client. My health has never been better.

So many massage therapists use too much pressure and still cannot get the job done. Sara is extremely knowledgeable about the body and has the ability to use technique and appropriate pressure to relieve my “knots.”  In addition, unlike the spas, Sara takes time to talk to her clients and understand what they have been doing. She has, so often, been able to understand why I may be feeling pain and tightness in my muscles. I think it is my neck but she works on another part of my body and things begin to loosen. Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about the work she does and the person she is. Feel free to message me if you have questions; but I can tell you that if you contact her directly, she will be open and answer the questions you have.  In summary, very highly recommend her services!!
— Robin M.
I hadn’t had a massage in years but decided to try it because chiropratic and physical therapy has not been successful. I am so happy I made this choice. Sara Rossio is absolutely wonderful. She is totally professional and I now see her about every two weeks and I feel great. My sciatica is now under control. She does a marvelous job and I feel great and so relaxed after her massage. I am now addicted to massage as a proactive tool for better health.
— David W.

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From Google+

My first massage was gentle and relaxing, so nice I fell asleep. Although a great experience I needed more pressure and wondered if Sara, who is a petit young woman could provide what my aging system needed. When I went a second time I asked her to focus on certain areas with more pressure. I was so impressed by her skill and comprehension of what I wanted. (I am recovering from orthopedic surgery and have a lot of lymphedema and painful areas). I felt great afterwards and needed a lot less pain medication for the next couple of days. I look forward to my next appointment. She is great. I have not tried any of the Reiki or other energy work but Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release were wonderful.
— David

From Groupon

Sara was amazing! It was my first massage and she made it such a comforting experience! Will definitely be going back to her.
— Hedyeh 09/16
Just the most incredible, relaxing experience. Highly recommend coming here!
— Ella Y 08/16
I purchased this for my husband and he truly enjoyed the deep massage. We will definitely remember this merchant and go back to her again.
— Margaret J 08/16
The massage was very relaxing, and focused attention on my trouble spots. I’ll be going back, I’m sure.
— Misty C 07/16
Excellent massage therapist in quiet, clean setting.
— Claudia L 07/16
excellent techique, very attentive to your needs
— Joanne F 06/16
Sara was fantastic.
— Neal F 06/16
Sara was amazing! After my consultation we determined that she would concentrate on my back and neck and I felt incredible after my massage.
— Debra S 05/16
Sara was great! Understanding, listened, and very helpful!
— Joshua N 05/16
Sara is awesome! Highly recommend
— Deborah B 04/16
I just received a wonde full massage from a massage therapist who listens. I cannot wait to go back for another one
— Linda F. 03/16
Sara is very knowledgable. The massage was great. I would highly recommend her.
— marina g. 03/16
I felt terrific after my massage from Sara. She focussed on the areas I’d needed with the strength I’d asked for. The environment was very relaxing and Sara made sure you were comfortable.  
— Ellen L. 03/16
Sara has a wonderful touch. Highly recommend.
— Laurel M. 03/16
Wonderful massage, and Sara was very attentive to my needs and any concerns I had. Will definitely go back!  
— Kelly Y. 02/16
I feel like I’ve been given a new neck.  
— Marcia S. 02/16
Sara is a very good massage therapist.  
— Ronald L. 01/16

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