Where is Sarapeutic?

Sarapeutic Massage and Wellness is located at 1421 Clarkview Road, Suite 206, Baltimore, MD 21209.

1421 Clarkview Road is the Bare Hills Business Center.

Sarapeutic is located within the Tranquili-Chi Center.



There is plenty of free parking in parking lots either in front of or in back of the building. There is also free street parking in front of the building. Note: If you are unable to use stairs, you should use the rear entrance.

Finding Sarapeutic in the building:

If you have parked in the rear parking lot, when you are facing the building, the entrance is on the far right, underneath an awning. Sometimes there are vehicles parked in front of this entrance so it is difficult to see. Once you enter the doors, the elevator is up ahead, on your right. Upon exiting the elevator, turn right and follow the hallway around. Tranquili-Chi Center will be on your left, just past the water fountain.

The front entrance to the building is at the far left, if you are facing the building. You will see a set of steps, under an awning. You do NOT need to use the keypad to gain access, the door is unlocked. The stairs to the second floor are on your right, directly across the hall from the office with the glass doors. When you reach the second floor, Tranquili-Chi Center will be the first door to the left. 

When you enter Tranquili-Chi, make yourself comfortable in the welcome area. There is no receptionist, so you don't need to "check in" with anyone. Just have a seat quietly and I will meet you there!